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This website is dedicated to funding a Constitutional Challenge.

The purpose of this Challenge will be to raise awareness and answer questions regarding the restrictive statute and policy in place in Ontario that negatively impacts the use and quiet enjoyment of private property. The basis for the Challenge will stem from the original patented land grants or Letters Patent, having been granted before Confederation in the form of contracts by the various reigning Sovereigns. Some of the issues that we plan to address involve root of title, lot severance, building permits and fees and land use restrictions such as the greenbelt, the Conservation Authorities Act and the Niagara Escarpment Plan.


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What is a Land Patent and why are they so important?

A while ago, Dee Bartens asked for some research on “in the Province”. Great Britain became the “owner” of certain parts of what is now North America through battles, negotiation[…]

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Crown Grants exposed to Burlington City Council

Don (9:13) and Joan (10:13) reference Crown Grant’s regarding Private Property Rights of trees on private property in the City of Burlington.  

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Why wetland designations are infuriating landowners

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