What is a Land Patent and why are they so important?

A while ago, Dee Bartens asked for some research on “in the Province”. Great Britain became the “owner” of certain parts of what is now North America through battles, negotiation and treaties with the original inhabitants. But in order to make productive their acquired holdings, they needed to populate the land with settlers and soldiers…
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Crown Grants exposed to Burlington City Council

Don (9:13) and Joan (10:13) reference Crown Grant’s regarding Private Property Rights of trees on private property in the City of Burlington.  

Why wetland designations are infuriating landowners

‘Really discouraging’: Owner of Springridge Farm in Milton frustrated over $100,000 development charges–really-discouraging-owner-of-springridge-farm-in-milton-frustrated-over-100-000-development-charges

Agenda 21/30 Exposed

Driving force of the justification of the NEC, and the CA’s. Completely against our constitution. A move to regulate everything and pull away all our rights.  

Inside Voices: Farming is Canada’s riskiest business

What do you think is Canada’s riskiest business? Childhood on our family farm taught me the answer to that question. Despite years of heartbreaking disappointments, my father was a perfect example of the adage “hope springs eternal.” Each spring, he would sing happily on our tractor while seeding wheat, barley and oats. Then we hoped…
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September – October 2019

Halton Conservation Authority v. Jean and Peter Thomas

The result of Jean and Peter loosing this case would result in fines and penalties in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fines ($20,000) removal order ($125,000) legal costs and the prosecution will now be seeking there costs . Back in 2007 Jean and Peter purchased their dream home on 22 acres out in the…
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Landowner gets 30-days in jail

Waterloo man appeals conviction for “developing” a wetland on his own property Click here to download article.

Property Rights Are What Separate Humans from the Animal Kingdom

As someone who has studied public policy for decades, I have frequently been struck by how many people are so committed to their favorite ism or “answer” on an issue that they will ignore powerful contradictory analysis and evidence that is only a couple easy keystrokes away, or even when it is right in front…
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